HGGS Winter & Summer Semester 

HGGS members are kindly invited to attend the courses and events listed below. Details and invitations for these and further courses will be sent via email to all HGGS members.


Annual Ceremony & HGGS Open House

Winter Semester 2019/20 

Date and location tbc.

Who? All members (all years), HGGS board members, supervisors, guests.


HGGS Research Colloquium

Tuesdays 9 – 10.30 am: Room 104, Voßstr. 2, Geb. 4370

Dates will be announced via email.

Who? All new members and 3rd year members, other interested members, guests.




HGGS Doctoral Seminars

»Inter- and Transdisciplinarity«

HGGS Lecturers

Winter Semester 2019/20 

Who? All new members, other interested members 


»German Cultural Theory«

Prof. Dr. Ben Morgan (Oxford)

Winter Semester 2019/20

Who? All interested members.


»Tradition and Modernity: IT in rural communities«

Prof. Dr. Tariq Zaman (Hayatabad, Peshwar, and Cambridge, UK)

Winter Semester 2019/20 

Who? All interested members.


 »Key Concepts of Cultural & Literary Analysis«

Prof. Dr. Vera Nünning (Heidelberg)

Summer Semester 2020

Who? All interested members.



Research Methods – Theory and Practice:

»Qualitative Research Methodology«

Prof. Dr. Martin Bauer (London School of Economics and Political Science) 

25 November 2019

Who? All interested members.


»Analysis of Video Data«

Prof. Dr. Uwe Gellert (Freie Universität Berlin)

Winter Semester 2019/20 

Who? All interested members.



HGGS Forum:

»21st Century Risks and Challenges: Contemporary interdisciplinary research«

Prof. Dr. Joost de Bloois (University of Amsterdam)

11 October 2019  

Who? All HGGS members.



Courses and lectures offered by affiliated research centres

HGGS members are encouraged to sign up for courses and lectures offered at interdisciplinary research centres at Heidelberg University, such as:

Collaborative Research Centre 933: Material Text Cultures (CRC 933)







Transferable Skills for Doctoral Candidates


Members of the HGGS are encouraged to sign up for courses offered by the Graduate Academy at Heidelberg University.

Click here for details.




Other courses and dates will be announced via email and the HGGS homepage.


Please also refer to curriculum for required courses, available under “Concept” on the homepage.


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