Winter & Summer Semester




In light of the current health situation, the doctoral members of the HGGS are kindly requested to take advantage of the online courses announced via email. Also, please review the website of the Graduate Academy and hei-ONLINE for new offers. 



Doctoral Seminars


Below, please find a brief selection of doctoral seminars at the HGGS. Other seminars and any related updates will be announced via HGGS-DOK to all members.

»HGGS Introductory Seminar«

Dr. Astrid Wind

Winter Semester 2020/21: 3 Nov. 2020 & 5 Nov. 2020

Who? All new members, other interested members.


important: in response to new health regulations, the meeting on the 3rd will be cancelled. All participants are invited to join the workshop on 5 Nov. via heiCONF. The HGGS will also provide another date for new members starting in Nov./Dec. 2020.


»Intangible Cultural Heritage«

Dr. Jenny González (Minas Gerais, Brazil), Dr. Noemí Frías Durán & Dr. Rovimar Serrano (Caracas, Venezuela)

Winter Semester 2020/21: 16 Nov. - 16 Dec. 2020

Who? All interested members.

Poster (esp) * DETAILS (esp) * Poster (eng) * DETAILS (eng)



»I´m a scientist, not a writer! Asking whether writing style changes the impact of research in the natural sciences« 

Prof. Dr. Kathryn Cochran (Writing Program, University of Chicago), 

Prof. Dr. Simon DeDeo (Social and Decision Sciences, Carnegie Mellon University, Santa Fe Institute), 

Prof. Dr. Frauke Gräter (Biophysics, Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies), 

Prof. Dr. Ken Hyland (Applied Linguistics, University of East Anglia), 

Prof. Dr. Vera Nünning (English Philology, Heidelberg), 

Prof. Dr. Dan Oppenheimer (Psychology, Carnegie Mellon University),

Dr. Daniel Shea (Writing Program, Heidelberg), 

Prof. Dr. Michael Strube (HITS, Heidelberg).

Winter Semester 2020/21: 2 December 2020

Who? All interested members of the HGGS.



»Inter- and Transdisciplinarity«

HGGS Board of Directors

Dates tbc.

Who? All new members, other interested members.

Details forthcoming.


»Academic Freedom«  

Prof. Dr. Thomas Meier, Prof. Dr. Ute Mager, Prof. Dr. Thomas Rausch (Heidelberg)

Dates tbc. 

Who? All interested members of the HGGS.



»COVID-19 and Political Institutions in Asia-Oceania Democracy and State Capacity During Times of Crisis«  

Prof. Dr. Aurel Croissant (Heidelberg), Dr. Olli Hellmann (University of Waikato) and colleagues.

Winter Semester 2020/21: 18 - 19 March 2021 (new dates!)

Who? All interested members of the HGGS.

DETAILS (updates via HGGS-DOK)   sign-up-email


 »Key Concepts of Cultural/Literary Analysis«

Prof. Dr. Vera Nünning (Heidelberg)

Dates tbc.

Who? All new members. Other interested members of the HGGS may sign up.





Research Colloquium

Interdisciplinary Doctoral Colloquium 

Dr. Astrid Wind & HGGS Members

Winter & Summer Semester 2020/21: Mondays, 2 - 3:30 pm. 

The programme and the link for the video-conferences will be announced via HGGS-DOK.

Who? All new members & 2nd/3rd year members, other interested members, guests.




Courses and lectures offered by affiliated

research centres

HGGS members are encouraged to sign up for courses and lectures offered at interdisciplinary research centres at Heidelberg University, such as:

Collaborative Research Centre 933: Material Text Cultures (CRC 933)






Heidelberg Center for Ibero-American Studies (HCIAS)



Transferable Skills for Doctoral Candidates


Members of the HGGS are encouraged to sign up for courses offered by the Graduate Academy at Heidelberg University.

Click here for details.




Other courses and dates will be announced via email and the HGGS homepage.


Please also refer to the HGGS Curriculum for required courses.


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