Interdisciplinary Research: Concepts, Processes and Creative Self-transformation


Forum-Workshop on 15 June 2018


Interdisciplinarity has been identified as a key principle in doctoral research by the League of European Universities (LERU 2016), the British Academy (2016) and by numerous other renowned organizations and scholars in the EU and abroad. However, while it has been a key term in recent academic politics, interdisciplinarity itself and its methods and implications remain vague. In June of 2018, the HGGS thus invited the lead author of the LERU paper, Professor Frédéric Darbellay, Head of the Inter- and Transdisciplinarity Unit at the University of Geneva, to hold a Forum-Workshop on the very topic that weaves through all academic events at the HGGS.

The workshop aimed to sensitize and train doctoral students to the theories, concepts and practices that underpin interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research beyond disciplinary boundaries. Professor Darbellay made the concepts of disciplinarity, pluridisciplinarity, interdisciplinarity and transdisciplinarity accessible to the participants for implementation in their thesis path. He also dealt with the stages of an individual and/or collaborative interdisciplinary research process within a spirit of discovery, innovation and creativity. The doctoral members of the HGGS also undertook a self-reflexive approach on the place of interdisciplinarity in their thesis research (conceptual, theoretical, epistemological issues), its potentialities and its pitfalls/limitations, as well as its impact on their past, present and future academic identity and trajectory.


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