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Communication is a field of studies in academia which examines the process of human communication, namely the creation and receiving of both verbal and non-verbal messages, including also the visual representation of communication. At its core ‘’communication’’ is found in all fields of humanities and social sciences. The questions of communication affect politics, linguistics, rhetoric, media, history, homiletics, literature, dialectics, discourse, populism, journalism, popular culture, religiosity, gender issues and more. Research in the field of communication seeks to explore messages in various contexts personal, interpersonal, social group, workplace, public, and free speech.

Guest Speaker:

Dr. Bernhard Goodwin, Executive Director, Munich Science Communication Lab (LMU) 




The HGGS Research Forum is an interdisciplinary conference and/or workshop organised by doctoral members of the HGGS in collaboration with the managing director. It permits members of the Graduate School to discuss in depth central academic questions from different disciplinary angles and to re-think their own academic work in the dialogue with experts and invited guests from leading research universities in Europe and abroad.

In recent years, Forum topics included “21st Century Risks and Opportunities”, “Interdisciplinary Research” as well as cross-disciplinary concepts, such as “Mobility”, “Space”, “Change”, and “Identities”.




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