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Zentrale Koordinationsstelle für alle überfachlichen Beratungs-, Weiterbildungs- und Förderangebote für Doktorandinnen und Doktoranden der Universität Heidelberg.


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Visiting Scholars and DAAD Lecturers at the HGGS



Visiting International Scholars

Since 2018 the HGGS has been hosting outstanding doctoral scholars from South America, the Caribbean and other world regions, who are funded by the Baden-Württemberg Foundation, with the kind support of the International Office at Heidelberg University. African and Latin American scholars also received short-term grants from the DAAD to research and study at the HGGS in recent years. Funding is also available through the Coimbra programme.

International applicants can be awarded the status of visiting scholar at the HGGS for a period of two to twelve months to participate in the academic programme at Heidelberg University and to carry out their research.

Doctoral candidates and university lecturers who are interested in applying as visiting scholars are encouraged to contact the HGGS at any time of the academic year.


BW Scholars



Class of 2021



Botschafter Kuba

Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba in Germany, H.E. Mr. Ramon Ignacio Ripoll Diaz, and

Counsellor for Scientific and Academic Affairs of the Cuban Embassy, Lic. María Milagros Franco Suárez, visiting the HGGS, Heidelberg University, 2021.



South-South-North Cooperation of the HGGS

With the scholars from the Universidad de La Habana, Cuba, the Universidad Pedagógica Experimental Libertador and the Universidad Central de Venezuela, the HGGS has also started to host a colloquium series in Spanish in 2019, which allows participating doctoral candidates to present their research in their main working language. The results of this South-South-North exchange have been published by the HGGS in a collection of essays in 2020, where each scholar presents an important aspect of her or his doctoral project. A new collection of essays with interdisciplinary approaches to the corona health crisis has recently been published.








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