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Conference 2022 - The Spectre Haunting Academia




Conference 2022

The aim of this conference is to situate the rise of the Far-Right in conjunction with academic spaces and practices i.e., to understand the macroscopic role Academia has in producing, challenging, and responding to the proliferation of this adaptive ideology. How do scholarly practices and the Far-right interact? How do Far-right governments impact Academia, both nationally and globally? Why are Academia’s responses to and/or co-options by the Far-right so culturally impactful? This is just a selection of questions the conference would like to address, especially in the fields of Humanities and Social Sciences, whose engagement with the Far-right has been historically more pervasive.


Abstracts: ca. 250‒300 words


Deadline: 30 June 2022

Call for Papers


This conference is addressed specifically to researchers, PhD candidates, and final-semester Master students from 4EU+ partner universities, who might be eligible for a mobility grant. However, researchers from other universities who might be interested in the topic are also welcome. The one-day conference will take place at Heidelberg University on 3 Sept. 2022.





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Peer Mentoring

Peer mentoring is a forum for thematically focused research within the Graduate School. HGGS members have the option to establish study groups in order to research one of the key concepts of the HGGS and to interconnect their research on an interdisciplinary level. These groups can be supported by two professors or postdocs from different fields. The results of the intensive research projects will be made accessible to other members of the HGGS and to the wider public through exhibitions, publications, conferences and/or workshops, which can be supported by the Graduate School.


HGGS members initiate their own study groups. Ideally, a group should include members in their first and third year. The group has the option to contact two professors or postdocs from different fields in order to advise the interdisciplinary peer group during the project.

There are two stages to the application.

The first step is to hand in a project outline (2-3 pages) including the following details:

- names and addresses of applicants;

- disciplines involved;

- title and short description of project;

- estimated total cost and list detailing costs of major items/activities.

Applications should be sent to the HGGS. If the steering committee approves the project outline, applicants will be invited to submit further details.



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