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Peer Mentoring


Peer mentoring is a forum for thematically focused research within the Graduate School. HGGS members have the option to establish study groups in order to research one of the key concepts of the HGGS and to interconnect their research on an interdisciplinary level. These groups can be supported by two professors or postdocs from different fields. The results of the intensive research projects will be made accessible to other members of the HGGS and to the wider public through exhibitions, publications, conferences and/or workshops, which can be supported by the Graduate School.


HGGS members inititate their own study groups. Ideally, a group should include members in their first and third year. The group has the option to contact two professors or postdocs from different fields in order to advise the interdisciplinary peer group during the project.

There are two stages to the application.

The first step is to hand in a project outline (2-3 pages) including the following details:

- names and addresses of applicants;

- disciplines involved;

- title and short description of project;

- estimated total cost and list detailing costs of major items/activities.

Applications should be sent to the HGGS. If the steering committee approves the project outline, applicants will be invited to submit a detailed project proposal (max. 10 pages).


Documents required for project proposal:

Cover page

Project title; name of contact person with address, department and field of research; names of group members with departmental addresses and disciplines; names of professors or postdocs with their university address and discipline.

Table of contents

Summary of project aims

Project description

• Reason for application (motivation)

• Description of mentoring activities:

- peer mentoring (academic work on concepts from the humanities/social sciences; discussions of work in progress; work regarding career planning)

- acquisition of skills (planned courses, workshops etc. )

- networking (planned events, conferences etc. )

- involvement of professors, postdocs and/or other experts

- language in which the project will be carried out

• The description may also include other activities or concerns of importance to the group, such as those arising from peculiarities of the discipline, interdisciplinary considerations, etc.



Chronological list of planned activities (max. duration of project: 1 year).


Budget (for activities)

The budget can be discussed with the HGGS prior to submitting an application. 

Budget items should be listed as follows:

• Fees for external speakers or workshop leaders

• Conference and travel expenses for speakers and group members

• Investments

• Material expenses


Further documents

• Letter of endorsement from a professor or postdoctoral researcher

• CV (max. 2 pages) of each applicant






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