DAAD-GSSP Scholarships & HGGS Membership 


Decoloniality and Feminism: Lectures and Workshop with Prof. Calila das Merces (São Paulo), Prof. Conceição Evaristo (São Paulo) & Prof. Ruth Sonderegger (Vienna):

30 Nov. - 1 Dec. 2023



HGGS Winter Forum "Interdisciplinarity Unleashed", Prof. Frédéric Darbellay (Geneva)

Monday, 29 Jan. 2024



South-South-North Dialogues: Visiting Scholars


4EU+ European University Alliance


Graduate Academy

Central coordinating body for all support services related to general advising, professional and academic development and financial assistance for doctoral candidates at Heidelberg University. 


Doctoral Studies in Heidelberg



Heidelberg Graduate School for the Humanities and Social Sciences




The Heidelberg Graduate School for the Humanities and Social Sciences is a central academic institute for doctoral candidates in the humanities, law and social sciences, who regard the exchange with academics from other disciplines as an important part of their own research. Since 2008, the HGGS has offered doctoral candidates at Heidelberg University and visiting scholars from abroad an interdisciplinary core programme that supports them with selected seminars, lectures, workshops and conferences in their own research activities and provides them with a constructive forum for reflecting on their dissertation projects.


Doctoral candidates from 30 different countries and from six large faculties at Heidelberg University actively network in the HGGS. The faculties participating in the HGGS from Field of Focus 3 are: The Faculty of Modern Languages, the Faculty of Philosophy and the Faculty of Theology; from Field of Focus 4: The Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Behavioural and Empirical Cultural Sciences and the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences. Serving a diverse, international community, the HGGS promotes collaboration through its Peer Mentoring scheme and integrates its members into the international academic network of Heidelberg University, one of Europe's leading research and educational institutions.

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