DAAD-GSSP Scholarships & HGGS Membership 

*new application date* 1 Nov. 2024!



"Bridges and Crossings"

14 June 2024




"Beyond Numbers: Qualitative Methodology as an Art for Understanding and Transformation", with Prof. Yaima Blanco García, PhD

26 June 2024 (new date!)



"Academic Freedom", with Prof. Dr. Thomas Meier

12 July 2024


South-South-North Dialogues: Visiting Scholars


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DAAD-GSSP Scholarships & HGGS Membership


Next application deadline for DAAD-GSSP scholarships & HGGS membership:

1 November 2024

* * * * * * 

New doctoral candidates and doctoral candidates already registered at Heidelberg University are invited to apply!


LGF scholars and scholarship holders of the Begabtenförderungswerke at Heidelberg University qualify for a fast-track admission (see below).


The HGGS also encourages guest members (visiting scholars) to apply. More information.


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The Heidelberg Graduate School for the Humanities and Social Sciences at Heidelberg University (HGGS) invites applications for Graduate MembershipWe are looking for highly motivated, excellent doctoral candidates with a strong interest in interdisciplinary research from the Faculty of Modern Languages, the Faculty of Philosophy, the Faculty of Theology, the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Behavioural and Cultural Studies and the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences.


The HGGS provides a structured, interdisciplinary programme in the Humanities, Social Sciences and Law for the formation of excellent doctoral candidates. It fosters innovative, interdisciplinary research projects and offers its members a dynamic and collaborative research environment within a broad national and international network. HGGS members actively contribute to the exchange across the disciplines and benefit from an exclusive selection of interdisciplinary seminars and expert courses in English and German. Dissertation projects with any thematic focus are eligible to participate in the HGGS. We also encourage applications relevant to the flagship initiative of Heidelberg University, the Field of Focus 3:"Cultural dynamics in globalized worlds" or Field of Focus 4: "Self-regulation and regulation: individuals and societies." 


Applicants must hold an M.A. or equivalent with an above-average grade average. The transcript has to indicate at least four years of study at the university level. Excellent knowledge of English is expected if English is your working language for the doctoral thesis. Knowledge of German can be acquired or improved during the first year of the programme. Importantly, applicants are expected to contact a potential supervisor at Heidelberg University in order to discuss their research plans and to obtain a supervision agreement before applying to the HGGS. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to present their projects to the Selection Committee at an online interview. Membership in the HGGS implies free access to all courses, academic events and international schools at the HGGS and affiliated institutes, but no individual stipend will be awarded. 


The DAAD-GSSP Scholarships for two international candidates - residing abroad or no longer than 12 months in Germany at the time of application at the HGGS - are foreseen for up to four years with a stipend of € 1300,- per month. Please note that your MA degree must not be older than six years by the time of application.


Doctoral candidates in their first or second year at Heidelberg University may also apply for membership. Third-year doctoral candidates can contact the HGGS if they are interested in participating in seminars.


The HGGS Membership and the DAAD-GSSP Scholarships at the HGGS are expected to start in the Winter Semester or Summer Semester.  


Application and required documents:

a) Completed cover page (download from heiBOX),

b) Letter of intention, with a brief description of the qualifications, academic objectives and the research project (max. 2 pages),

c) CV with information about the academic career, achieved grades, research projects and research experience, publications (if any),

d) Project description of max. 5 pages in German or English (including research plans and objectives, critical approach, data, methods, theoretical focus),

e) Timescale for the research project,

f) Transcripts (Bachelor and Master),

g) Letters of recommendation: one letter (formless) required for HGGS membership; two letters on the DAAD form required for DAAD-GSSP applications (download from heiBOX),

h) Written supervision agreement by a Professor or PD at Heidelberg University*,  

i) Excel sheet with details about your academic career (download from heiBOX).


LGF scholars and scholarship holders of the Begabtenförderungswerke/Funding organisation for talented students at Heidelberg University benefit from the fast-track admission and only need to submit three documents:

c) CV,

d) Project description,

i) Excel sheet.


Applications (max. 25 pages) must be submitted electronically as ONE PDF file and one Excel sheet (i) to

            Dr. Astrid Wind



Please note:

Your email with the application will contain two files:

1.-The PDF document should be sent with the cover page (a) in this format: NAME_FirstName_HGGS.

2.-The Excel sheet (i) must be submitted with the same email, but in the original Excel-format. Please do not modify the sheet. Document: NAME_FirstName_HGGS.

You may attach the letter/s of recommendation (g) to your PDF. Referees may also email their letters to Dr. Wind:


Deadlines for all documents, including the letter(s) of recommendation:

Membership & DAAD-GSSP Scholarships: 1. November 2024. 

* If you require more time for the supervision agreement (h), please contact us. We can grant you an extension for the agreement (h) if all other documents are submitted in good time.

The scholarship can start on 1 April 2025 or once the registration process (DAAD, HGGS, Heidelberg) is completed.

HGGS Membership can start earlier.


The HGGS also accepts applications for membership from candidates with external  funding - please contact us for further details and dates. For more funding opportunities, please also review the pages of the HGGS and the Graduate Academy.


Apply to the HGGS


Heidelberg University stands for equal opportunities and diversity.

Qualified female candidates are especially invited to apply.

Persons with severe disabilities will be given preference if they are equally qualified.

Information on job advertisements and the collection of personal data is available at




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