Interdisciplinary Forum about Mobility


Mobility in its concrete and abstract sense was the topic of the interdisciplinary Forum of the Heidelberg Graduate School for the Humanities and Social Sciences on 22 June 2017. PhD candidates from the different subject areas represented by the graduate school showcased in posters and talks their work-in-progress in relation to the question what mobility signifies and how its different forms affect our society. The guest lecture about geographical mobility was held by Prof. Dr. Caroline Kramer, Professor for Human Geography and Geo-ecology at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. 


The presentations and posters of the HGGS members focused on a range of topics, including “Field research and mobility”, “Narration through mobility in computer games” and the “Transfer of ideas” in the late middle ages. The Forum at the Schmitthennerhaus, Heiliggeiststraße, was successfully organized and monitored by the group of PhD members in their first year, under the coordination of Ms. Annika Elstermann and Dr. Astrid Wind. It was inaugurated by the HGGS Spokesperson and Vice-President for Student Affairs and Teaching, Prof. Dr. Beatrix Busse. (KuM)






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