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HGGS Forum 2017

"Mobility - Mobilit├Ąt"

22 June 2017


Membership 2017/18



Call for Projects

Peer Mentoring


HGGS Colloquium



PhD Seminar


Prof. Dr. Beatrix Busse

Prof. Dr. Markus Hilgert

19 June 2017


Summer School

Digital Humanities

24 - 27 Sept. 2017


Doktorandenkonvent and agDOCS




PhD web portal at Heidelberg


Graduate Academy

Transferable skills for doctoral candidates



Members of the HGGS

PhD Candidates

List of current members, their contact emails and PhD projects (where provided by the members).

Board of Directors and Coordination

The Board of Directors represents the different faculties of the HGGS. In collaboration with the Coordinator, the Directors plan and organize the academic development of the Graduate School. The PhD Committee represents all members of the HGGS.


Former members who completed the structured PhD programme of the HGGS.

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